A case for caring!

A fellow author and researcher contacted me today to interview me about change. The subject concerned new digital solutions and how to gain acceptance of them in workplace rollouts. Essentially, he asked me how to make people care. I think my answer (at least part of it) may have surprised him.

Besides the “What’s in it for me” perspective, I offered another viewpoint. Sometimes I do things for others, because I respect, care for and trust them, and they me. With some leaders, if they ask me to do something, I will do it, even if there is little in it for me to gain personally. I trust them and I follow them. Now, I don’t follow blindly. I remain my own, objective person, but I do give deference to them. If we as leaders build interdependencies, connections and relationships that are values-based and caring-based, we will gain followers. Our “everyday people”, as Sly Stone once sang, are starved for caring. Everyone needs hope and significance. We are just the leaders to give it to them. #chro #shrm #change #impact #employeeengagement #humanresources #leadership #workforce #living #relationships #professionals #wholeheartmind #leaders #business #caring #harvardbusinessreview #values

Like this if you remember Sly Stone!

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