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Caring is intentional, and not a soft skill anymore.

Caring seems too soft an emotion for business? Coach Satterfield of the Louisville Cardinals football team and coach of the year in the ACC, said after winning his bowl game, “We are a team that cares about each other. When we care about each other, we are hard to beat!” If we can use caring to unite a burly football team, why is “caring” too soft a word for business. And it requires the CEO to believe it and show it for it to work. Hey, CEO, listen up. This CARING is for you! Build your team around caring. Connect people to their value

Caring: Boxing Day - Every day!!

Well, since you asked, it is a day of boxes and leftovers and has roots in charity. The aristocrats took care of their servants on this day after Christmas. It was a different time. But let’s take the good from that. What can you do today for someone? Just one thing. Even if just one time, this one time — what can you do? Caring is the root of all great values, mottos and pledges that lead us to living our best life. Giving is a great feeling. And it doesn’t need to be big or material. Hold a door open for someone. Help an elder with a heavy load. Reach a can good for a shorter person. Call your friend or relative and let them know you care!

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