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Charismatic Purveyors of Inclusion Heal the Emptiness of Disconnected Employees

The worst punishment is to be excluded.

Sherry Turkle in "Alone Together" talks about the "new solitude". Buckingham/Goodall in "Nine Lies About Work" talk about our need for attention instead of feedback. David Michel, CEO of Catapult Health reported Millennials 5 times more susceptible to suicide than Boomers. All these new thoughts about loneliness are remarkable and shocking … or are they?

How about this author's view?

"Man is a sociable being, and it is […] one of the worst punishments to be excluded from society."

This post seems relevant and applicable here, right? It is telling that this quote is from Ben Franklin from the mid 1700s. Fear, solitude, isolation, discrimination, exclusion, and dis-community are all better remedied by great leaders - and you don't even need to be that great at it. Leaders who are charismatic purveyors of inclusion heal the emptiness of disconnected employees and enroll and engage their whole heart and mind. Choose to do something today to connect to someone on your team or in your sphere of influence who needs a lifeline. hashtag#leaders hashtag#shrm hashtag#workplace hashtag#leadership hashtag#wholeheartmind hashtag#employeeengagement hashtag#loneliness hashtag#leadership

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