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Feed Me My Creamed Corn

Feed me my creamed corn.... Everyone is in search of significance, and inside every person you know is a person you don't know. We all show up to work every day with a Santa's sack of Shinola that we carry around on our back all day long. Finances, parents, kids, church, volunteerism, health issues, 13.7 pounds overweight, addictions, unhealthy relationships, and Bravo Real Housewives weigh us down, and then maybe we have a pill box full of joy. It seems worse with those under 40 years old. Whether it is school debt, social media, or generally not being where they #thinktheyshouldbe, their sack is full. The once Millennial mantra of working from home is moving to communal work sites away from "work" just for the connections. ( With four kids at or near that age range, I worry about higher susceptibility to depression and a general lack of medical maintenance of this generation. Go see your doctor. Tell the doctor ALL. Because I need you! You are the architects of my future and will be the ones who will feed me my creamed corn. hashtag#health hashtag#wellness hashtag#people hashtag#medical hashtag#work hashtag#future hashtag#connections hashtag#living hashtag#relationships hashtag#SHRM hashtag#workforce

Virtually Healthy: 5 Reasons Why Millennials Aren't As Well As They Think

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