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Personal Change Starts Now! Go!

Wait. No don't wait. Consider this! In developing my plan for the HOWs (personal change process), I discovered one more step. So instead of the acronym "L.E.A.D.", it should actually be "Go LEAD"! The first step advocated by John Kotter in Leading Change is to "have a sense of urgency". Get started! Go! So the process should actually look like this: Go LEAD!! Go! - Have a sense of urgency. Do something today! L. - E. - A. - D. L - LEAVE your old habits behind. But grieve for them for an appropriate amount of time E - find that EMOTIONALLY compelling reason to change. Usually at home. A - find an ACCOUNTABILITY partner who knows you well and you trust and who sees you work each day. They point out behaviors you have trouble seeing. D - just DO it until it feels right! Get started and power through the awkwardness and pain. GO LEAD!! hashtag#impact hashtag#change hashtag#research hashtag#hrtoo hashtag#hrfromtheheart hashtag#swba hashtag#wholehearted hashtag#shrm hashtag#circus hashtag#hashtag hashtag#business hashtag#vistage hashtag#leadership

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