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The "Live Your Best Work Life" Manifesto

1. We believe in the kind of courage where we are afraid to ask an unintelligent question, but we do it anyway.
2. We believe that genuine caring, respect and trust are the foundation of all great relationships and connections, which are the essential elements of leadership.
3. We believe the best learning is discovered in failure.
4. We believe that passionate, thirsty workers are the best kind. They can learn anything.
5. We believe in understanding the cosmic “why” of what we do every day.
6. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to do the work they are best at and they love.
7. We believe in never leaving anyone hanging waiting for an answer.
8. We believe that working for a great team is preferred regardless of whether the company is great.
9. We believe in leveraging the power of our connections, collaborating with our vendors and community networks.
10. We believe in doing the right thing, even if the right thing takes longer and is a bit harder.
11. We believe in listening generously until the other person feels heard.
12. We believe in getting at facts even if the “story” is interesting.
13. We believe in looking for a person’s intent behind their behavior, not judging their behavior.
14. We believe and embrace that we are not the smartest people in the room, nor do we ever want to act as such.
15. We believe everyone is worthy of, and valued for, stating their well-founded opinion.
16. We believe that no one can ever say, “That’s not my job.” We are one heartbeat – no team member left behind.
17. We believe in business partnership and never saying “no” without a great reason.
18. We believe we should ask, "How can we work together to accomplish the business goals while managing risk and getting stronger?"
19. We believe in asking everyone, “What does support look like from me?”
20. We believe that everyone is in search of significance every day.
21. We believe that inside every person we know is a person we don’t know -- who is just as valuable.
22. We believe that we can have an impact in creating a Great Place to Work!

A product of WholeHeartMind Business Consulting LLC, 2020. All rights reserved

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