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What do you mean I’m not relevant?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Is YOUR HR function relevant? The rank and file in the company may not care! If the direct deposit makes it and the kids get their semi annual teeth cleaning, well, that is what HR is paid to do, right? No glory in that.

But in fact there are often administrative heroics that magically make that biweekly event happen for employees. When was the last time you wrote a hand written note to your HR team thanking them for paying you one more time again! And correctly!! And beyond Payroll and Benefits, does the organization seek HR out for advice on Labor Relations, executive coaching, wage alignment, customer visits, legal claims, or the routine and seemingly daily employee complaint or deviance? Do they ask about the future of work, gratitude, learning, and leadership. Do they ask you for copies of developmental presentations? Does it reinforce the drive for what you, as HR leaders, seek every day — as we all wake up to seek — Significance!!

We must have impact in growing enterprise value. We are innovators and creatives, dutifully on the tightrope between risk management and margin enhancement. The more we understand the business, the more of an asset we become to those who need to want us! #business #leadership #relationships #workforce #employeeengagement #wholeheartmind

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